The library is the brain of an educational institution. We have the added advantage of a good Library, with sufficient reference books for all the Subjects

As computer has become the part Vigilance of their teachers

Mathematics Lab is a recent concept. As soon as the concepts brought

The physics lab is well equipped with electrical and electronic devices. The Physics Lab is spacious and can accommodate about -50 students at a time

The Chemistry lab in our school is spacious well Lit and well equipped. It can accomadate about 50 students at one stretch. The lab is provided with necessary infrastructure to develop the scientific skills in the students.

The Biology Lab is well equipped to carry out practical for classes. Practical on different topics like plant physiology., Animal physiology , catology , plant and animal anatomy Morphology and Ecology are carried out by students. Lab is well stocked with compound microscops. Dissection Microscopes Plant specimens, Animal specimens, Permenant Slides, Charts etc. Lab projectors are also used to supplement practical classes.

All the high School Classes are provided with LCD projects , Speakers and Laptops